Jessica is a life-long native of southern California. Born and raised in the Inland Empire she was the daughter of two first-generation Americans. From her parents and family, she learned the value of hard work, integrity, respect and deep understanding of what it means to always do right by others. While growing up, Jessica spent time as an active youth. As a child, she developed a few of her lifelong passions music and a love for animals.

Jessica started working as a young adult before she finished her schooling. While attending college she worked as a server at a local restaurant, gaining skill in speaking and connecting with people on a personal level. In her early professional career, Jessica worked for a large retail clothing store. Her work ethic and leadership abilities were quickly recognized which led to promotions to the management level. In management, she learned valuable business skills and gained experience in running the day to day operations of the store as well as managing the staff. While she was one of the youngest managers in her area, Jessica still felt as though she wanted to do more. She always had the desire to help her community and help those in it on a personal level. Her passion led her to real estate in 2011. Through real estate, Jessica can help the members of her community as well as participate in the community as an active businesswoman.

Since 2011 Jessica has performed a variety of tasks in the industry, gaining knowledge and experience along the way. To her clients, Jessica has become a trusted a valuable part of their lives, even long after the sale has closed. With her caring heart and professionalism, she has created a large group of satisfied clients and friends. After almost five years in the business, Jessica decided to study for her brokers’ exam, becoming a licensed real estate broker in 2015.

In 2016 with the support of her husband, Jessica decided to start her real estate team, The Results Group. She created the Results Group to enable her to help more people in the community at an even higher level. Now, with a team behind her Jessica is excited about the future and all of the positive changes she will be able to make throughout the Inland Empire and beyond.

When she is not working hard building her real estate company and working with her clients, Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys spending time outdoors and stays active participating in various recreational activities on a consistent basis. She enjoys listening to live music, cooking healthy meals with her husband as well as caring for their three Labradors and two cats.

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